Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Project 2 -- Update 1: Arcade Table

Stage 1: Get mame to run on the Pi with Ms. Pacman and accept joystick commands

Status: Completed mostly.  Decided not to worry about joystick commands, since they should be easily changed.

Stage 2: get the Pi to automatically boot into mame with some sort of game selection screen that can use the joystick instead of a keyboard

Stage 3: Get Ms Pacman to flip like a classic arcade cocktail table depending on if player 1 or player 2 is playing

Status: Complete.

Stage 4: Wire a joystick(2 if possible) and buttons to the GPIO pins on the Pi.

Stage 5: Come up with a plan to power everything so that only one cord is required if possible

Stage 6: Design and make the box

I'm likely putting this project on hold until I can purchase joysticks/buttons/ipac2 etc.  I may make a project 2b that involves making a console emulator which will require a lower budget.

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